Freitag, 27. Februar 2015


Hello everyone!

Wow I didn't update anything for quite a long time...but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything :) I'll try to catch up with my projects, now starting with something I did early last year.

For our Codex Deliae Camapign I was going to be an NPC, portraying a mage from the southern lands. Her powers were kind of emphatic and only worked in combination with others...and they were sealed up by priests of the goddess Thara - with tattoos.
And as I did not want to spend hours of bodypainting at the Live, I decided to prepare a suit I could simply put on.

As base I used a skin-coloured spandex bodysuit (bought on Amazon, I don't know the brand anymore) and painted it with a mixture of Acrylic colours and Latex - to ensure the colours won't break and be elastic. My dear friend Manu (who has a similar bodyshape as me) helped me and wore the suit, so I could paint on her without having the pattern spoiled.

The rest of the costume was very simple. I wanted to show much skin/tattoos, so the top was just draped with a sheer cloth. An old bra became an Intime-bra with some scrap-material. I had a wig, contact lenses and much make-up to darken my face to match the colour of the suit ;). The second outfit was thrown together from pieces I already had.

Enough explanation, here you go with some WIP-pics:

And the finished outfit~

It wasn't really perfect, but it worked for the role ;) If I need it again, I might add some more tattoos~

Stay tuned for more :)