Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

1001 Nights of Fanar

Hello everyone~

We had a "Southlands"(Südlande)-game in march, where I played the role of a high class courtesan. And even though I have quite a lot of oriental looking costumes, I didn't have anything to suit this character. She's supposed to be very sexy, but still classy and luxurious ;)

Sooo I looked at some bellydancing costumes as inspiration, bought fabrics and trims and then started to improvise a costume.. ;)

I used an old bra as base for the top - made a pattern with tape, transferred everything onto the fabric an sewed it together. The top has 3 layers, 2 of the turquoise/blue fabric and one layer of loden inbetween for a bit of stability. Same for the waistband of the pants.
The pants are basically just 2 big rectangles gathered at the top and the feet.They are open at the sides, so you see the leg when walking - which makes them a bit more revealing ;)

Then everything was pimped with trims and beads. I did quite a lot of hand-stiching and suprisingly enjoyed it^^. Sadly I don't have pictures of wearing the costume - I combined it with a long dark wig, heavy make-up and a whole lot of jewelery.

Making a tape-pattern

Transferring everything onto the fabric.

The base of the top.

I sewed 2 colours of sheer fabric together.

Pinned the pleats.

A simple closure with elastic band and a button.

Everything assembled, but still rather plain.

The back.
And that's how it looked all done :)
Here you see the wig and make-up :) I also wore light brown contactlenses.

I also made arm cuffs, because the trim on the bra is sadly a bit scartchy on the arms. Maybe I'll change that part before the next use. As I'm going to play the character again in August, there will be some additions and changes to the costume.

I'll also try to catch up on some other projects from last year :)

Thanx for reading!

- Clockwork

Freitag, 27. Februar 2015


Hello everyone!

Wow I didn't update anything for quite a long time...but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything :) I'll try to catch up with my projects, now starting with something I did early last year.

For our Codex Deliae Camapign I was going to be an NPC, portraying a mage from the southern lands. Her powers were kind of emphatic and only worked in combination with others...and they were sealed up by priests of the goddess Thara - with tattoos.
And as I did not want to spend hours of bodypainting at the Live, I decided to prepare a suit I could simply put on.

As base I used a skin-coloured spandex bodysuit (bought on Amazon, I don't know the brand anymore) and painted it with a mixture of Acrylic colours and Latex - to ensure the colours won't break and be elastic. My dear friend Manu (who has a similar bodyshape as me) helped me and wore the suit, so I could paint on her without having the pattern spoiled.

The rest of the costume was very simple. I wanted to show much skin/tattoos, so the top was just draped with a sheer cloth. An old bra became an Intime-bra with some scrap-material. I had a wig, contact lenses and much make-up to darken my face to match the colour of the suit ;). The second outfit was thrown together from pieces I already had.

Enough explanation, here you go with some WIP-pics:

And the finished outfit~

It wasn't really perfect, but it worked for the role ;) If I need it again, I might add some more tattoos~

Stay tuned for more :)