Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014



As I haven't posted in quite a long time, I'll show you a little something I did recently. Bigger projects are on their way, but nothing ready to show yet ;)

We did some different book-binding techniques in school and at home I prettied those "example"-book up a little bit.

A  red one with a "japanese" binding.

I used a leftover piece of brocade-fabric for the cover.

Another one with fabric and a classic binding.

It's thicker than the red one and easier to flip through.

The insides aren't that pretty, but oh well, it was the first try ;)

First two finished. They are both A5 size.

Now for the third, smallest one. Here I used a thick paper to cover the cardboard-cover.

I used wood-glue to fix everything.
Placing it onto the paper...

..and cutting the edges, so it will be easier to fold.

That's how it looks with the paper applied :)

And the finished mini-book!

I forgot what this binding is called....

It's like a leporello-kind of thing with intersections.

All three books :)

All the books got new owners, but if I get some time on my hands, I'll for sure make some more :D

Greetz, Clockwork