Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Steampunk and victorian damsels...

 Hello everyone!

Long time no update, I'm quite busy and have almost no time to craft or sew...hope that's gonna change soon ^^°

 But nontheless I attendet 2 Larps and prepared outfits for those~

Starting with a leather top for my Steampunk-character Miss Charlotte Bockmann.

A cheap red dress I used as the base.
Wraped it up with plastic wrap and reinforced/secured it with adhesive tape!
And then drew the pattern I wanted onto it with Copic markers..

That's how it looked like in the end. Front
Then I cut it down from the mannequin
And transferred it to a thin leather.
Already with all the holes drawn onto it..
Theeen I had t cut everything out- which took the most time, and sew it together.
First fitting-test :) Looks nice~
The parts..
Another test..
In the end I ended up using only the upper part because I wasn't satisfied with the lower part...I would have had to reinforce it somehow but didn't have any time left..
Added some ruffles I recycled from an old top and that's how it looked like.
Pics from the Larp ;)

I'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned needs some more tweaks and maybe a different outfit alltogether...well, when I get some time on my handy maybe ;)

And the other thing I did was a dress for a victorian themed Larp. I didn't have any historical pattern, so I just made up everything and altered patterns I already had :)

Original concept.
Loooots of different the end I didn't even use all of them.
I used a pattern from the first dress I ever sewed and made it a little smaller for the skirt.
Looots of fabric...
Just a really simple lacing as closure for the skirt..

Lace-ruffles for the girly-touch :P
Finished main-skirt~
Time for the bodice/upper part-I simply redraw the pattern from a lingerie- corset.
Cut it out...
And then sewed it together! I did not use any boning, becauseI simply sewed it onto the corset I already had...
Not too bad, just a little bit too free at the top :P

So I added some more fabric...
And moooore know- girly stuff...
Recycled some hair-tie roses for the dress and also for my hairdo.
There we go :)

I didn't do the train like in the concept drawing, but I just didn't have any more time..mybe I'm gonna add it for the next time :)
I didn't take any pictures while making the bustle..but it's simply a long piece of fabric, some ruffles and lace and everything pinned up over a small pillow in the back.

The nice thing is, you can use the bustle seperately for an other skirt, or the skirt with another top and so I had one skirt and bustle for 3 different outfits ;) Saves some time in making and space in your suitcase!

That's it for this time~

Bye, and stay tuned 'til next time :)