Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Cuirass for Helena

Hello everyone!

Here we go with one of the bigger projects I made~
I wanted an armor for my Larp character Helena, as she is on her way to become a paladin is always good, isn't it :P?
But I'm a poor college student and can't afford a 600€ Cuirass, so I decided to make one myself with GFK.

So here we go:

Trying to figure out a pattern 

"Pattern" out of fabric...

then transferred to "Worbla"

The great thing about Worbla is, that you can heat it an then mold it, it sticks to itself so you don't have to use glue and all small pieces can be melted together again and reused :) So it's perfect for some kind of moldmaking.

So I "heat"-molded the Worbla onto a  bust which has nearly the same measurements as me.

That's how it looks when fittet closely :)

Back and front

It's also awesome because you can try it on and correct it if it doesn't fit perfectly :)

Then I covered the halves with tape.

And then added Linothorax - fabric and glue.

I think there were 2 or 3 layers

The same with the front part.

I tried to work a even as possible.

And then covered everything with 2-3 layers of glassfibre and  polyester resin.

When it cured I removed the Worbla-"mold" from the inside.  It's awesome, because now I can reuse it for other things :)

Next step: covering everything with polyester-filler...

..and then sandind sanding sanding...

Until it looks like this and is nice and smooth.

Always use glasses, long working clothes and a mask when working with this stuff, it's super-toxic and  dangerous!

In the last step I spray-painted everything with 2 different chrome-colours and a little bit of black.

And here we go with some Intime pictures :) (where you also see the surcoat-thing I made for her in blue-black)

It's great because it's super comfy, lightweight and fits perfectly because it's molded ont my body ;)
It's still missing some details, I have to fill some holes and sand it sown again, improve the fastening this project is still not finished.

Stay tuned :)