Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Small things and WIP's

Hello there^^

Since I'm still really busy with university stuff, I'll show you some of the smaller stuff I did in the meanwhile and things I will continue to work on when I get some free-time ;)

Larp-Stuff for Helena:
Helena is one of my main characters and I keep making new things for her^^°

This is some kind of big collar/small cape.

All the panels and trims are sewn on separately and then lined with another layer of the white fabric. 

That's how it looks like ;) It's still missing some more buttons...
And as I said before, I keep making new stuff for her...

That's what the new outfit should look like.

The (very raw) pattern ^^°

First time making the pattern myself  by draping fabric and..well...try and error xD

The back..
More to come about that one~

Another small thing I did - not exclusive for this character, but it fits her:

I bought an old backpack which had  a leather-panel on the front. I removed it and then decided to add some ornaments.

Drawing the design on the leather..

and then I burned it into the leather :)

Some steampunk-stuff!
Well there was another Steampunk-Larp (as I mentioned in a former post) and we needed masks ;)


I molded the mask on my BF'S friend using fabric and wood-glue (Leim)

Cutting holes for the eyes..

And adding the final layer of nice black fabric and some steampunky details. Let it dry and it's finished^^

This mask was made using the same method~

Next thing: Tin!
Tin is a really nice material...once you get to know how to work with it xD
My firt tries:


Should be an amulet ^^

I didn't take picture of the finished one...damn..

This was going to be the christmas-present for my boyfriend..a snowflake-pendant^^
First making a mold out of soapstone.

The first ones didn't work that well..


BUT the it turned out quite nice in the end^^

Some really old WIP which I never posted:

Chainmaille-shirt! Did this last summer I think..

Bought a really cheap chainmaille on Ebay and then opened some rings and shortened it :)

like that ;)

Opened the front to be able to put it on fast and without help.

I also tightened the sleeves and "sew" them back together with leather.

There you see the finished chain-maille
And the details of the closing

And that's it for this time :)


Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

WinkelBlick anniversary and giveaway


Mein Projekt WinkelBlick ist nun schon 1 Jahr online und zu diesem Anlass möchte ich ein kleines Give-away machen :D!

Was gibts zu gewinnen?
3x je ein Postkartenset mit je 4 Motiven die ihr euch aus allen WinkelBlick-Bildern aussuchen könnt :)

Wie könnt ihr mitmachen?
Auf Facebook könnt ihr meine Seite liken, das Bild teilen, kommentieren oder liken und seid dabei :) Oder ihr reblogged es auf Tumblr!

Am 1. März werde ich die Gewinner auslosen, die sich dann ihre Bilder aussuchen können!

Viel Glück an alle die mitmachen :D!