Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Steampunk and victorian damsels...

 Hello everyone!

Long time no update, I'm quite busy and have almost no time to craft or sew...hope that's gonna change soon ^^°

 But nontheless I attendet 2 Larps and prepared outfits for those~

Starting with a leather top for my Steampunk-character Miss Charlotte Bockmann.

A cheap red dress I used as the base.
Wraped it up with plastic wrap and reinforced/secured it with adhesive tape!
And then drew the pattern I wanted onto it with Copic markers..

That's how it looked like in the end. Front
Then I cut it down from the mannequin
And transferred it to a thin leather.
Already with all the holes drawn onto it..
Theeen I had t cut everything out- which took the most time, and sew it together.
First fitting-test :) Looks nice~
The parts..
Another test..
In the end I ended up using only the upper part because I wasn't satisfied with the lower part...I would have had to reinforce it somehow but didn't have any time left..
Added some ruffles I recycled from an old top and that's how it looked like.
Pics from the Larp ;)

I'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned needs some more tweaks and maybe a different outfit alltogether...well, when I get some time on my handy maybe ;)

And the other thing I did was a dress for a victorian themed Larp. I didn't have any historical pattern, so I just made up everything and altered patterns I already had :)

Original concept.
Loooots of different the end I didn't even use all of them.
I used a pattern from the first dress I ever sewed and made it a little smaller for the skirt.
Looots of fabric...
Just a really simple lacing as closure for the skirt..

Lace-ruffles for the girly-touch :P
Finished main-skirt~
Time for the bodice/upper part-I simply redraw the pattern from a lingerie- corset.
Cut it out...
And then sewed it together! I did not use any boning, becauseI simply sewed it onto the corset I already had...
Not too bad, just a little bit too free at the top :P

So I added some more fabric...
And moooore know- girly stuff...
Recycled some hair-tie roses for the dress and also for my hairdo.
There we go :)

I didn't do the train like in the concept drawing, but I just didn't have any more time..mybe I'm gonna add it for the next time :)
I didn't take any pictures while making the bustle..but it's simply a long piece of fabric, some ruffles and lace and everything pinned up over a small pillow in the back.

The nice thing is, you can use the bustle seperately for an other skirt, or the skirt with another top and so I had one skirt and bustle for 3 different outfits ;) Saves some time in making and space in your suitcase!

That's it for this time~

Bye, and stay tuned 'til next time :)

Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Random stuff~

Hello everyone!

It's time to upload some work in rogress pics of stuff I did and did or did not finish yet^^

Starting with:

Lusakian Shaman/Magician 
I already played this character once, but decided to redo the whole costume and make it more..well...fabulous and sparkly ;)

Here I redyed some lace. It was grey before and  I simply used gold acrylic colour and a sponge for changing the colour :).

That's how it looks after cutting it out.

Those are the main fabrics I'd like to use for this costume.

And that's how it looks when everything is draped on my dress form ;)  It's still WIP altought!

Next thing - Soronia Nova character "Tali"
I was on an atique-themed Larp where I got to play a captured savage. Here tribe got her roots in "Ravenheim" - a viking-inspired culture and therefore I wanted to use pieces of scrap fabric to make the top.

And some in-character shots^^

I also ordered some lenses for this character from They arrived too late, but I'll use them for other characters ;) They are really comfy and look very natural! Sadly the diopter doesn't really suit, but it's not that bad..

First: my natural colour, second: one brown/yellow lense, third: brown/yellow-leses and fourth: green lenses
1st: natural colour, 2nd: brown/yello, 3rd: green

Then it was that time of the year again..

I didn't really have much time for preparations, but still wanted to participate in the SFX-facepainting and the facepainting cathegory.



Testing the silicone-material
It's super stretchy!

The "head" of my model - filled with gypsum and expanding foam.
Finished but not yet painted/sealed head.
"Head" of the head-piece ;)

The "body" for the bee/waps where I hid the motor for the wings.

Adding new wings..

Finished^^! Mee made the awesome costume herself :)
Making-of, made by Anna ^^

And here you can see the wings moving :D And a whole lot of photographers xD

And that's it for this time^^

See you~

LG, clockwork/Tama