Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

More of that fabulous Orc!

Have some Orc-Action-Pics :D!

Some more WIP - mostly for a hair/beard close-up ;)

My friend said he look like Orc-uncle Iroh xD Because of the beard :P
 The following pictures were taken at "Codex Deliae 2.1 - So vergeht der Ruhm der Welt" by Fr. Wintertagtraum :) (Her FB-site)
I have to mention, that the costume was entirely done by B. - I just did the mask :) And he's an AWESOME orc-player!!! 


"Die you bastard...!"


"Bitch please..I'm fabulous!"

"Buuhl is now offline...."
That's it^^ I'll update thi post if I get more pics ;)