Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Orcs 'n mages..

Hey there!

Finally I've finished one of the big LARP projects I've been working on, sooo...

Here you have some WIP-pics ;)

Orc latex mask:

I tried to make an orc-latex mask for the first it was mostly try and error ;)

Plaster-mold of the client

Roughly molding~

starting to smooth the surface..


making the silicone-rubber mold

Plaster mother-mold

always having a big mess in my room while I'm working...^^°

Thats the cast latex-mask! It's not made for my face, but I wanted to try it on :P

It just plain black at that point

time for the paint-job!


I like how the skin texture came out :)
Adding hair!
And a beard ;)
Sadly I have no better pictures of that step, but oh well..I'll add some as soon as our photographer sends me some ;)

What you can't see is, that I fixed the latex mask onto a very thin fabric mask (like a ski mask) so you can put it on quite easily and it fits very tightly. There are also 3 buttons in the neck of the mask to ensure a good fit. I'll add pictures of the whole costume (which looks great!) later.


Another small thing I did, was an amulette which should "react to magic". So I made it from air drying clay and put a vibrator-egg into it which has a remote control ;)

Starting to mold~

looks like a flower..lion? xD

weeeh, teeth!

Dried and sanded~

the hole in the back were the egg will be


elastic straps to secure the egg~


Well, that's it for this time!
If you have any questions, just ask~

And stay tuned!

Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Some mini-projects


Since the bigger projects I'm working on right now consume a lot of time and I don't like to post about things I've not finished yet, I'll show you some of the smaller things I've done meanwhile :)

So here we go^^

Steampunk-mask: I made this mask as a birthday present for a dear friend, or respectively for his Steampunk Larp-character^^ It's very light weighted and can be attached directly to the face with Mastix. 

Molded the mask with Fimo onto the "face"

I used real metal gears and simply pressed them into the Fimo.

The finished mask after baking and painting details :)

Different lightning~


more Details~
Lanterns made from jam jars:
I started making those little lanters for an upcoming Larp where we'll need good illumination, but are not allowed to make fire in the forest (or on the path to the castle, etc).

Collect glas jars and clean them.

You'll need the jars, some waterproof wood glue and napkins of any colour.

First you have to fiddle the layers of a napkin apart-

then apply the wood glue onto the glass jar-

and put single layers of the napkin onto it. Let everything dry (or blow-dry it) and add another glue-layer.

When everything is dry it becomes nearly transparet, like milky glass. Then you can paint some details onto it if you want :)

They look very nice ^^

And give a nice warm light~
Stuff for my post-apocalyptic Larp character:
I've been on an End time Larp in, uh, I think February, and also made some things for it...Sorry for the bad photo quality, but I worked at night most of the time^^°

I bought a brown wavy wig and some blue clip-in hair extensions and sewed them into the wig.

Braiding and making it look very messy ;)

back -

front^^ Later I also added some horns.

Scales! Made scales from Latex and Resin :)

I simply used Plasticine as mould-material.

And the result^^ It's not me but my friend Manu who was my make-up model, but you get the idea of the character ;)

Well that's it for this time^^

Stay tuned!