Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Wolf-Mask Time!

I really should update when I'm actually working on something or finished...otherwise I forget about it^^°
So well, here we go with a new wolf mask I made! This time it's a white one and I tried some new things :)

Workplace while waiting for the resin to harden.

Fitting the still a little bit flexible mask to the "face".

This was my very first silicone-mold...obviously I can't use it anymore :/

Molding the teeth~

Adding "leather-lips"

I also made a tongue out of leather^^

everything painted and sealed

Don't have steps of the furring, so here's the finished mask^^

My friend trying it on - it's NOT fitted to his face, but just to give you an impression of how it looks when worn.

'Cause the customer wanted a white wolf, there wasn't much painting to do - just a little bit grey and black to give it a more realistic touch.

Hope I'll get some pics of the owner wearing the mask^^

And there was also something different to do....the first mask I made, the blueisch-grey wolf got heavily damaged :( While transporting someone put a heavy box on the box where it was in....

As you see...

...totally broken :(

I removed the old jawset..


kind of sad to look at...

But well, I tryed to repair it! I glued the broken pieces with epoxy-glue and then reinforced everything with cloth and wood glue (Leim).

Sculpted new teeth...

...painted and added a tongue^^

the upper jaw~
Reparing it worked quite good and I'm satisfied with the new "upgraded" mask :) Gonna add pics of the finished "new" old mask as soon as I'm done with some finishing touches~

Stay tuned^^