Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Release the KRAKEN!!!

Y'arrrrr.... :D

I was participating in this years World-Bodypinting Festival in the Special Effects Head/Face Make-up Category :DD

And so this blogpost is all about glibbery, fishy, slimy that slimy ;)

This years theme on Friday and Saturday was "Fight against the invisible/ Fight against inner fears" - and as the deep blue ocean has always been something mankind feared, the Kraken stands as an symbol for all that fear of the unknown depths~ -> at least that was my interpretation ;)

Here we go!

Cut out 60cmx15cm long triangles from foam (got it at a DIY store)

8 triangles for 8 tentacles ;)

I twisted 4x 60cm long wires together to one for the tentacle armature

Then put on some glue (i used Pattex) and roll the foam like a sushi :P

Fixed them with some tape and let then dry~ (at least for one day so all the fumes can air)

Time for molding! I did a two-piece mask - this is the face-part.


Making the plaster-mold

Came out quite nice :)

Time for thentacles!

Those bumbs are going to be the connection pieces for the tentacles.

Time for the big mold!

It is actually a two-piece plaster mold, because otherwise wouldn't get it out anymore without breaking it :P

The right half broke..nooooo....but it wasn't a big deal, just had to glue it together again ;) (using epoxy-glue)

That's the finished latex-face-mask

Looks fishy! Yay :D

And here we have both latex-casts together...


and side-view.


Molding the suction cups was fun.. :P

one piece for the suction cups and one for the "skin"

Again I made a plaster mold and then cast the "Skins" in coloured Latex~

Tentacle skins everywhere....!!!

I don't have pictures of the tentacles before fixing them to the mask...but I simply glued them onto the foam-core with Latex.

And then again used Latex to fix them to the mask itself~ Same for the smaller tentacles - they just don't have a wire armature.

Because of the wire-armature you can pose them as you like :)

And that's the whole finished work painted, with wigs and the ship on top :D!

Official Bodypainting-Festival picture :3
I really hope I'll find some of the pictures the photographers made so I can show you the Lady-Kraken in action :D

If you have any qustions, just go ahead and ask^^

Btw. - we made the 7. place ;)