Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012


Hey there :)

Last weekend I attended a small Steampunk-Larp in Graz and therefor did some small Accessoires^^

My friend was a "KuK Luftschiff Oberleutnant", so I made an Emblem for him~

Workplace! Detaching some old chinese telephone to get the gears ;)

Trying out how the Badge might look like...

And the (nearly) finished piece!

with engraved pattern on the airship :)
And for myself I tuned a cheap felt-tophat. I did not make any progress-pics because it was a last-minute thing^^°
All in all I just took the mini-tophat as base, sewed some nice fabric onto it, glued it down, added some lace, a golden rose and some feathers. That's it^^ It has two clips underneath, so you simply can clip it into your hair.

I used some fabric-scraps I had from my bustle-skirt so they would match ;)

And here some Photos from the event, mady by our great Photographer Fräulein Puck Wintertagtraum! (join her on FB ;)!)

Tophat in Action ;)

Here's the emblem :)! And my tophat matching with the skirt ;)

Stern looking Oberleutnant von Steglitz, wonderful Miss Winter, myself alias Charlotte Bockmann and my great "Papá" Heinrich Bockmann ^^
It was really fun and I'm looking forward for the next Steampunk-Event!

The next post will likely be about some mask-stuff again....sooo..
Stay tuned^^