Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Some Make-up stuff~

Hello there!

Besides all the crafting stuff, I also do Make-up, Face- and Bodypainting ;) Therefore I'll show you some looks I did on myself. If you're interested to see more of this kind, fell free to visit my Facebook-page or Tumblr-Blog!

First, here's my this years Halloween-Outfit!

Our Halloween-Party was Disney-themed, or rather "Twisted Disney" ;)

"Well hello there! I'm Minnie-mouse!...well..I WAS once....tihihihih"
There I already took the Make-up off, but you can see the costume ;) I got that dress really cheap at our theatres fund, paid about..uhm...50 Cents? Then I just had to destroy it a little bit ^__^

The ears were made from a rigid foam-ball I cut in half~

Made some holes for the "rotten look".

Aw yeah, sexy curlers! :P The base for the whole Make-up was Gelantine~

You have to heat it and then it gets soft and really sticky! Once cold it sticks to the skin and gets elastical.

Adding colours..

Blooooood.....and false lashes for that freaky big eyes-effect!
The result! "Hihihi...hihi...hi...."
I had very much fun creeping the sh*t out of people xDD

Next thing, Steampunk! Another Steampunk-Larp took place near Graz and I played a Russian wanna-be Casanova... xD

Manly me is manly... :P
Talking to gentlemen..

And dancing with ladies!

Like a Sir~ xD

And then it was already December and everyone's been preparing for the end of the too!
Participated in a Zombie-Flashmob on December 21st ;)

Though I missed my bus to Klagenfurt and had to take a later train aaaand....ended up having like, uhm 20 minutes to put on some Make-up and get ready for the Flashmob...^^°
So this was just a REALLY fast&dirty look. I went for some kind of undead

"Well hello there...."
I just threw on some Latex and paper tissues, brown and yellow Aqua-colours, glittering black eyeshadow and a lot of red colour and fake-blood....AND my mustache! ;)

Nomming on some survivors...

Posing with my Bride/Miss Rainbow Dash :)
Her Facebook-Page!
Having a lot of fun ;)

And getting killed from time to time...xD

That's it for this time ;)

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012



I haven't posted anything in a while, because I didn't really finish anything new since the Kraken-lady...
BUT there are a lot of unfinished works which I can show you ;)

Most stuff is for my mercenary-character and our group "Die Greifen"^^

Working together is much more fun than working alone! :)

Fun fun fun xD (Manu working on her armor)

The molded and sanded tip of my scabbard~

And the other side~


Tiny scales are quite difficult to handle..

doesn't look so bad ;) (Andis work altough, not mine^^°)

Concept and paper-model for the leather-helmet I'm working on :)

also working on arm-padding~

They are a little bit to narrow, so I'll add a leather-border.
Molding the leather-mask-parts^^

WIP of my neck-protection~

almost final look~

And some scenes of the Larp where we played the group^^

My boys and girl ;)

Here you can see some details on the chainmaille. I made pictures while working on it, but I have no clue where they are^^°

And a look at the whole costume...still a LOT to do! ^^°
The black cape isn't part of the costume - we got it because of reasons :P
There is still so much to do for this character, but right now I just don't have the time...:/
But there will be updates as soon as I get around to make something new ;)



Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Release the KRAKEN!!!

Y'arrrrr.... :D

I was participating in this years World-Bodypinting Festival in the Special Effects Head/Face Make-up Category :DD

And so this blogpost is all about glibbery, fishy, slimy that slimy ;)

This years theme on Friday and Saturday was "Fight against the invisible/ Fight against inner fears" - and as the deep blue ocean has always been something mankind feared, the Kraken stands as an symbol for all that fear of the unknown depths~ -> at least that was my interpretation ;)

Here we go!

Cut out 60cmx15cm long triangles from foam (got it at a DIY store)

8 triangles for 8 tentacles ;)

I twisted 4x 60cm long wires together to one for the tentacle armature

Then put on some glue (i used Pattex) and roll the foam like a sushi :P

Fixed them with some tape and let then dry~ (at least for one day so all the fumes can air)

Time for molding! I did a two-piece mask - this is the face-part.


Making the plaster-mold

Came out quite nice :)

Time for thentacles!

Those bumbs are going to be the connection pieces for the tentacles.

Time for the big mold!

It is actually a two-piece plaster mold, because otherwise wouldn't get it out anymore without breaking it :P

The right half broke..nooooo....but it wasn't a big deal, just had to glue it together again ;) (using epoxy-glue)

That's the finished latex-face-mask

Looks fishy! Yay :D

And here we have both latex-casts together...


and side-view.


Molding the suction cups was fun.. :P

one piece for the suction cups and one for the "skin"

Again I made a plaster mold and then cast the "Skins" in coloured Latex~

Tentacle skins everywhere....!!!

I don't have pictures of the tentacles before fixing them to the mask...but I simply glued them onto the foam-core with Latex.

And then again used Latex to fix them to the mask itself~ Same for the smaller tentacles - they just don't have a wire armature.

Because of the wire-armature you can pose them as you like :)

And that's the whole finished work painted, with wigs and the ship on top :D!

Official Bodypainting-Festival picture :3
I really hope I'll find some of the pictures the photographers made so I can show you the Lady-Kraken in action :D

If you have any qustions, just go ahead and ask^^

Btw. - we made the 7. place ;)