Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Mercenary armor - Chest plate! (Part 2)

And here's  the second part^^ 
I made a plaster mother-mold as support for the silicone-mold.
And because working with friends is much more fun...that's what we did ;)
Manu was working on fibre glass plates for her giant-fan^^
In the meantime Andi was stiching xD
The silicone-mold
Adding the first coat of resin and glass fibre
That's what it looks like after 4-5 coats

And the cured plate - ready for sanding
Eeeeverything was covered with fine white dust after sanding....^^°
A black prime coat
For the silver parts I used something like gold foil - just in silver ;) Looks really nice in real

And that's it~ If you have some questions, please ask^^
I'll upload some pics of the whole outfit as soon as I get some ;)

Stay tuned!